LogMeIn Pro and TinyURL

I run into this situation a lot: I have a file on my computer that I really need to get over to another machine. The file could be a .SIS package that I downloaded for my Nokia phone and now it's sitting on my computer. It it could be a .CAB file for my Windows Mobile phone that I need to move from my PC to the device. It could be a .DMG image for the Mac in the downstairs study. The list goes on and on.

The problem is not insurmountable of course. You can use PC Suite, Bluetooth, ActiveSync, an SMB client for the Mac, etc. Heck, you could use Gmail. There's always a solution to somehow get a device to talk to your PC - but more often than not these solutions are a pain in the butt to set up, especially if you don't intend the target device and your PC to have a lasting relationship.

I already have LogMeIn Pro and it allows me to generate an https link to any file on my computer. As long as my computer is online, dereferencing the URL will stream the file to whoever's asking for it. So I could just use LogMeIn to generate a URL for the file, and access the URL on the target device: as long as both of them are connected to the Internet the file gets to its intended destination.

Creating the HTTPS URL
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Neat, but since LogMeIn uses long, cryptographically random URLs it's not really feasible for this purpose:

The resulting link
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I wouldn't want to have to type that in.

This is where TinyURL comes in. Still on the PC, I go to TinyURL.com, paste in the LogMeIn URL, and get something like this:

TinyURL to the rescue
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This is easy to type - even easy to remember. Open the browser on the phone (or the Mac, or the Linux appliance), go to this URL, and the file is within reach.

Is LogMeIn the peanut butter and TinyURL the jelly, or is it the other way around? Doesn't really matter, they're delicious either way.